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Two newsletter authors, let's call them Alice and Bob. Both have 1,000 subscribers each. They send them a newsletter for $10 a month.

What if they team up and each one offers a two-newsletter bundle at $16/month to their list? If all subscribers agree, both Alice and Bob each have 2,000 subscribers on their lists!

They still get $10/month from their 1,000 previous subscribers, and $4.40/month from the 1,000 subscribers they got from their respective buddy.

News Bundler advertises their newsletters in a beautiful and searchable directory, manages the subscribers, forwards the newsletters, collects payments, and distributes the royalties to Alice and Bob – all for 10% of the subscriber fees ($1.60/month per subscriber in this example).

Everyone wins: Alice and Bob each get an additional income of $4,400 per month. Their subscribers now get two excellent newsletters at a 20% discount ($16 instead of $20).